Emily Barker and Marry Waterson 'A Window to Other Ways'

It was truly wonderful to be commissioned to create a series of portraits for Emily Barker and Marry Waterson for their upcoming album ‘A Window to Other Ways’ which is released tomorrow. (29/03/19)

Catch them performing live at Kings Place on the 4th of April!

For this shoot we discussed finding a way to approach the idea of a portrait in a new and interesting way, and I brought some optic tools in to achieve some striking effects.

Church Of Sound presents: Moses Boyd Exodus & Art Blakey Songbook 02/06/16

Some gigs are so special they stay with you for a long time, and last thursday I was lucky enough to find myself at just such a gig.

The atmosphere at St. James The Great was electric, the audience were worked into a dancing frenzy, the music was mind blowing!

Have a listen to Moses Boyd Exodus HERE, check out the website HERE, and see photos from the night below!

Support came from the ridiculously good Vels Trio, so truly an exceptional night!



Happiness is...

It took me a long time to understand that what makes me happy is not just the extraordinary, but also the ordinary, largely unnoticed details everyday life has to offer.

This project, involving taking a photograph every day for a year during 2014 using only a phone camera, serves as a reminder to try to make time to register the little things that can raise a smile, even in the most unlikely of places. 

I will aim to post a month's worth of photos in every corresponding month this year, (as well as more current snapshots of happiness) but since I'm playing catch up here's January:

and here's February: